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Autoglass Repair Gloucester By UK Autoglaze

If you’re looking for an autoglass repair service in the Gloucester/Gloucestershire area, visit: UK Autoglaze or call: 01452 423725

autoglass repairs gloucester

When it comes to an auto glass repair, delaying a repair or a replacement is the worst thing you can do. Studies even a micro fracture or chip in your windscreen has an 80% chance of cracking further, causing complete failure of the glass and possibility of causing a hazard whilst driving. Whilst a whole windscreen replacement is a more expensive option, the main concern we have with this information we are providing to you is the fact that the small crack you may ignore has the chance of fracturing the glass completely. Once the structural integrity of glass fails, the whole pane of glass will tend to break, and this can’t be premeditated. Glass has a tendency to be reasonably unpredictable once it has taken impact or been damaged, so it’s hard to say if a certain size crack will break larger as there are many indescrepencies when it comes to checking the damage.

In terms of vehicles, safety/laminated glass will be used, as this will tend to cause fewer injuries than normal glass. Safety glass will shatter into smaller pieces causing less damage to any human inside of the vehicle. You can imagine however how much shock you would feel if you were driving and suddenly a wave of smashed glass just piles into your vehicle, obscuring your vision at the very least. This is a huge hazard on the roads as you now have an uncontrolled vehicle in an unknown situation. Unfortunately you can’t decide when a windshield breaks. The nature of a chip or fracture in your windscreen means it could last for 5 years, or it could last for 5 weeks. Factors like weather and condition of storage etc. can effect this time, but it’s a much safer and reliable option to have the windscreen repaired or replaced.

Speaking from a financial point of view, it is always advised to repair a chip than it is to replace a whole windscreen. As we’ve pointed out before, it is always going to be more expensive to replace the whole windscreen, so having a chip repaired, which is usually covered by insurance is always the easier option. Leaving your chip unrepaired means there is more chance the chip will become un-repairable territory as the chip has the tendency to grow, which again, could cause complete failure.

In general, an average chip repair/stone chip repair/car window repair is going to range from 20 minutes to an hour from start to finish. Most autoglass repairs can also be done anywhere, as mobile vans can be called out to a location of your choosing. This is ultimately going to be faster than a complete windscreen replacement, which is going to have to be done in a garage as the windscreen is going to have to be bedded in.

The equipment we use during this process consists of an arrangement of pumps and resins that we can inject into the chip. The air has to be removed from the chip first, as any air stuck underneath the resin will come out through air pockets, leaving bubbles in the resin which isn’t aesthetically pleasing, nor signs of a competent repair. Strength from this repair comes from filling every part of the chip, unifying the missing parts of the glass, strengthening the bonds, which helps return the structural strength and integrity of the windscreen.

Do you need a windscreen repair service in the Gloucester/Gloucestershire area? If so, visit: UK Autoglaze for more information or call: 01452 423725