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UK Autoglaze – Experts in windscreen replacement

From small cracks and chips, to complete replacements. Our expert technicians are experienced in replacing windscreens on all private and commercial vehicle makes. With windscreen replacement being the last resort, we always aim to repair your chipped or cracked windscreen before we consider replacing it. If you’re in need of a UK Autoglaze technician then get in touch today on 01452 423725. We’re rated Gloucester’s number one windscreen replacement company.

Worried about damage to your rare or vintage vehicle? Our technicians have seen it all. We don’t just replace windscreens for the most popular vehicles, but also the very best. All windscreens are sourced from glass used by the original manufacturers so you can’t go wrong with our quality.

How does windscreen replacement work?

Specialist windscreen replacement in GloucesterAt first glance, a broken windscreen looks irreplaceable. With the right tools and finesse, we’re able to replace any and all windscreens. For all windscreens that need replacing, we start by completely removing it from the vehicle. With all makes and models being different, our technicians will take a slightly different approach to windscreen replacement depending on the vehicle.

We start by removing any plastic clips and mouldings around the outside of the windscreen and try to keep them in tact where possible. Preserving functional clips and holdings will save you money on your final bill as they won’t need replacing! Different vehicles will have different types of clips that vary in price. Once removed, our technicians will strategically separate the windscreen from the ‘pinch-weld’. The pinch-weld provides a structure for the windscreen to sit on, and we must cut the windscreen away from this frame.

Auto Glass repair in GloucesterAfter the windscreen has been separated from the pinch-weld, we’re able to remove the entire windscreen from the vehicle. Our experienced windscreen repair technicians are extremely thorough throughout this process, with safety being their highest priority. Once removed, the area where the windscreen sat is cleaned and any additional adhesive is cut away from the frame.

The next step is to reapply new adhesive to the frame where the new windscreen will sit. This process requires a combination of tools and techniques for it to be correctly formed before the new windscreen can be placed over the frame. The windscreen is then carefully placed and aligned over the frame and set over the new pinch-weld.

Types of windscreen chip repair

When it comes to windscreen chip repair, our technicians have identified and classified a range of stone chip types. This allows us to categorise the type or windscreen repair required when tackling cracks and chips. Below is an overview of a few chips you may have experienced or come across in the future.

Standard chip

Your standard chip. Straightforward, easy to fix. Chips are caused when a small, hard object hits your windscreen at speed and a small piece of glass breaks away from the windscreen. This can be repaired by our technicians using a stone chip repair kit.

Stress crack

Stress cracks occur when your windscreen experiences a drastic change in temperature or if force is applied across the entire windscreen (going over speedbumps too quickly). It is unlikely that you will experience a stress crack from objects hitting your windscreen.


The bullseye. Right in the middle. Like your standard chip, the bullseye is caused when an object such as a small rock hits your windscreen. The difference here is the object tends to be circular and applies greater force when hitting your windscreen. This causes a deeper, more rounded chip and can often leave the small object embedded into your windscreen.

Why chose UK Autoglaze for windscreen replacement?

So why chose us? Quality. Price. Safety. These are just a few of the things you can expect from the team here at UK Autoglaze. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an unparalleled customer experience without charging you extra. We go that extra mile to ensure you’re looking after, and all windscreen replacements in Gloucester are completed fast, and to the highest standard. If you’re looking to get a quote or for more information on how we can liaise with your insurer, call today on 01452 423725.