Cracked Windscreen Repair Services

Cracked Windscreen Repair Services and Reinforce Your Windscreen

A cracked windscreen ALWAYS occurs when it is most inconvenient in terms of your time available to get it fixed and your monthly budget.  At UK Autoglaze we replace windscreens in Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties.  We are yet to attend a customers house or office and be told “I was expecting this, so I put aside some time and money in anticipation”. Call today on 01452 423725 for a chip repair or replacement windscreen. Our tips can help you avoid having to replace your windscreen:

What Causes a Chip or Cracked Windscreen to Get Worse?

It probably has happened to you, but you never notice until it’s too late. It starts off with a small negligible chip or a minor crack on your windscreen and it really doesn’t seem worth a bother. Next thing you know, the whole windscreen is blotched and beyond repair, making it impossible to see through. So how did all of this start and is there anything you can do about it? There are several factors behind your windscreen developing a crack or chip. Here we explore the most common ones.


First of all, you need to keep in perspective that your windscreen is basically a sandwich comprised of two pieces of glass enclosing a layer of vinyl in the middle. Because of this, there is always a probability of some moisture creeping in between these layers. A minor chip is all that is required for water to seep in during a rainstorm or when you wash your car. This teeny bit of moisture that gets trapped inside can compromise the overall integrity of your windscreen. It gets worse. During the winter, the moisture solidifies as ice causing further expansion of the droplet and later makes fresh cracks in your windscreen.

Dirt and Grime

Not very different from moisture, dust or grime can enter the windscreen through a chip or crack in the glass and lead to the weakening of the windscreen. Yet again, you are faced with a potential replacement of your windscreen, which can cost you dearly and create a lot of inconvenience in terms of time, or your schedule.

Climate Shifts and Temperature Changes

The combined effect of a hot summer externally and the extreme cooling of a powerful air conditioner on the inside can be a bit too much to handle for your windscreen. This disparity in temperature can cause gradual deterioration of the strength of your compromised windscreen. In such a scenario, it’s not long before your windscreen is covered in cracks and splotches. You really don’t need to have the air conditioner or heater to cause the damage. When there is severe drop in temperature outside, your windscreen can suffer extensive damage. Once temperatures fall below freezing point, there is a much higher probability for chips and cracks to spread out. This is attributed to the fact that generally windscreens tend to becomemore concave with exposure to cold temperatures and even a tiny bit of additional curvature can cause the cracks to spread out horizontally

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Bumps on the Road

You never know how much a little bump in the road can do. You just drive over a bump without even thinking about the damage it could sustain to your car. Apart from driving speedily over them, applying breaks harshly, or even slamming the door of your car are all factors that apply pressure on your windscreen and cause the existing damage to spread all over your windscreen.

The Solution

All that being said, you don’t have to panic every time you slam your brakes or have nightmares about your windscreen potentially crashing into your face every time you bend around the curve. These are never probably going to occur however, what you need to understand is that it’s necessary to do everything in your power to prevent any further damage. Why go through the tedious process of replacing the windscreen when you get away with a minor repair.

Of course, you might tend to ignore the chip when it isn’t in your line of vision. Just remember it’s just a matter of time that it does if you keep ignoring it. If you have cracks on your windscreen that hamper your vision in the most minor way, you stand to receive a traffic ticket, fail a mandatory car inspection by a Policeman or MOT, or worst of all, just fail to see something that could be coming towards you.

Exclusive Cracked Windscreen Repair Services

The best course of action to take when you have even a small crack in your windscreen is to get it checked and repaired at the earliest. What works in your favour is that generally, this is service comes absolutely free of cost for the owner of the car. You can avail of our chipped windscreen repair services anywhere as we are mobile and can come visit you to get your car serviced promptly. Our services are implemented on the same day so that you don’t have to suffer from unnecessary delays. We provide you with a time of arrival and stay prompt to it at all times. We make it a point to value our client’s time and never make them wait around for us.

Apart from that, we provide you exclusive support and assistance in dealing with your insurance company from any arising costs. You do not have to worry about anything as we handle everything from contacting your insurance provider to making sure that your work is completed in a timely fashion. When you call us for our highly efficient cracked windscreen repair services, you can rest assured of the fact that your car is in the best of care.

Safety – Our Top Priority

As part being a chipped windscreen repair company, we place the safety of our clients on top priority. To ensure this, we implement a thorough and detailed training program for all our staff so that they are equipped to handle all kinds of repairs and stick to the stipulated time frame. Our customer service is all about paying attention to the smallest concerns that our clients may have and dealing with them in the most effective manner possible. We place the needs of our clients before anything else. Once you entrust us with your car windscreen, you can be sure that your windscreen get enhanced integrity and extended life. Our services are backed with our guarantee.

So, don’t procrastinate and wait for your windscreen to deteriorate to a condition where replacement is the only option. Avail of our exclusive cracked windscreen repair services that meet the highest standards and get your windscreen to be as good as new in no time. 01452 423725