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UK Autoglaze Customer Story – Replacement Auto Glass Bristol

UK Autoglaze are based in Gloucester, but have windscreen and auto glass replacement technicians strategically places around the South West in Cheltenham, Bristol, Swindon and Worcester, so we can deliver a fast replacement windscreen service.

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Here is the story of Mr Lee’s auto glass replacement:

“This story is about my car window replacement, experiences with the companies involved and how they lead to its pleasant resolution.

The story begins with a night out in the Bristol city centre. We had made plans to meet in an establishment that didn’t have on street parking. With the time being around mid-evening, the best place we thought to park was an NCP around 5 minutes walk from our venue for the night.

We come back before 12pm to avoid the overnight charge when we find the car had been broken into, with glass smashed across the floor and the door wide open. The alarm wasn’t going off which meant it had happened quite a while earlier. As we rang the police, a few friends started going through the car trying to sweep the glass from the front a rear seats. We had found a note left by the police stating they couldn’t contact me when the incident happened. They told me to call the non-emergency number and once we had reported the incident, we were given a crime reference number so resolve the any insurance claims or to contact them again.

I felt somewhat shocked and confused as it seemed like I wasn’t left much choice, I wasn’t expecting an instant resolution or a Police helicopter and squad team to be dispatched, but it seemed like people thought the situation didn’t matter. Although my car is not an expensive model or even that new – it is my pride and joy. I felt as though it was just another piece of paper for the Police.

The drive home was a somewhat drafty one. Luckily it wasn’t raining, however it didn’t take away from the fact I had a gaping hole in the side of my car, and it wouldn’t be fixed until I could call my insurance company as it was around 3am by the time we got home.

Later that morning, I called the insurers who informed me they would only charge me the excess amount they had set, which was good as I had to pay a fraction of the cost. The insurers had given me the contact details for UK Autoglaze; a firm based in the Southwest who have distribution centres across the region, including Bristol. I telephoned them immediately and they informed me that they had an appointment on the same day of contacting them, which was handy.

They gave the technician my contact number  so they would call me when they were near, which worked out well as I was still running errands and this allowed me to get on with my day. He called me when he was 10 minutes away, which gave me enough time to get back and meet him.

Replacement Auto glass Bristol

Once we had backed the car away from the drive for more space, he began the work. He started to clean the initial area, just getting rid of any glass we didn’t sweep out on the night. He then moved onto the damaged window that he evaluated and then explained what the vandals had tried to do.

They ended up scraping the side of the window, trying to pry the door pillar away from the glass so they could reach into the car to unlock the door. I guess they had gotten impatient as they obviously went through the glass by smashing it.

He began to repair the seal around the door whilst trying to reform the metal around the door so the window would be able to wind up and down again without bending the glass. The job was finished in an hour or so as he had a little bit more work to do than a standard glass fitment but I was very satisfied with the process

I went to pay him but he told me that the company would directly bill the insurers, so that was a plus too. The overall bill was a lot less than larger companies and they use the exact same, manufacturer spec any glass fitter would use for your vehicle, the next day was incredibly poor for weather which gave the new window a fair test, in which it passed superbly, apart from a few scratches from the initial break in, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the window was a replacement and the original manufacturer glass.”

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