Replacement Car Windscreen Gloucester: Customers Story

Replacement Car Windscreen Gloucester: Customers Story

A replacement windscreen is something a motorist has a high chance of going through, as the sheer nature of the glass and the Gloucestershire roads adheres its liability to break. Windscreen replacements can be expensive without a comprehensive insurance policy, which includes windscreen cover, meaning you only have to pay excess for the repairs or if you are not using a reputable windscreen replacement company, such as Gloucestershire’s UK Autoglaze. For more information on our replacement windscreen Gloucester service please visit or telephone 01452 423725

At UK Autoglaze we fit replacement car windscreens in Gloucester and Gloucestershire on a daily basis. Here is the experience of one of our customers, Mr Trins.

“The story of my replacement windscreen starts with a normal drive to work, around 8am into the Gloucester city centre. Around the half way mark of the journey is where the incident happens, as we enter an area that’s been re-surfaced by the council. The road seemed freshly laid so there was still a large amount of pebbles/debris left on the road. A van was driving a few feet in front of me when I hear a sudden “BANG” (deafening and shocking – I actually ‘ducked’) and a subsequent cracking sound. I instantly stop by the roadside as I realised the windscreen was fractured from the top to bottom. The initial crack had spread towards the drivers side, rendering the windscreen destroyed and the car unusable as the crack had obstructed the drivers side view. Luckily modern cars are equipped with safety glass, which is laminated with a thin layer of plastic, which acts as an entrapping layer. So rather than having large shards of sharp glass flying towards your face, you end up with either a crumbling sheet of glass which is still connected, or the glass breaks into smaller, blunt but fragmented pieces. With myself road stricken, I called my insurers who sent out to me a towing company, as the car was un-drivable in its current state. Once the car was towed back to my house, I was given the details of a company that would arrange a callout fitter who would replace the windscreen. The company was affiliated with my insurer who was well equipped, and quoted me with a favourable time scale, whilst fitting a replacement windscreen that matched manufacturers specifications that meant no quibbles about any sealing or leaking.

The replacement windscreen fitters had sorted all of the paperwork, which meant all I had to do was make sure I was there for the appointment. They looked over the vehicle and proceeded to remove the damaged window, whilst also making sure any glass shards weren’t lodged in the cockpit.

They used a strange suction cup apparatus that I’d never seen before, and in minutes the damaged glass was replaced. Whilst checking the specifications, they had ordered the exact replacement windscreen for my vehicle, which gave me peace of mind, as I wanted an exact replacement.

replacement windscreen Gloucester

Once the replacement was in he proceeded to test the seals of the front window, whilst giving me insights and assurance that the seal was perfect. This was one of my main concerns, as I didn’t want to have a leaky windscreen, as it’s such a large opening in the vehicle. We tested the window with the wipers and window wash and sure enough, everything checked out. The service I received from UK Autoglaze was great and definitely made a stressful situation bearable.

My initial thoughts would be that I would of have to of paid major “manufacturer” prices for a replacement, but I ended up paying minimum excess through my insurers, and a drink for the window fitter at the end of the job.”

UK Autoglaze are Gloucestershire’s largest independent auto glass and windscreen replacement company. We want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We can deal with your insurance company direct and come to your home or office, at a time convenient to you, to replace your windscreen. Call Gloucester 01452 423725.