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Stone Chip Repair Bristol – A Short Guide

Are you searching online for ‘stone chip repair Bristol’? At UK Autoglaze, we’re able to repair stone chips within all zones of your windscreen from just £39.00 plus VAT. What’s more – if your insurance policy covers the repair, we can even deal directly with your insurer and organise the paperwork!

To book a stone chip repair or get a quick quote for one of your vehicles, contact us today by filling out the quick quote form or calling 01452 423725.

Stone chip repair Bristol

Even the smallest of stone chips can ruin your day. Knowing you must get the chip repaired before it spreads into a crack (or worse – cracking the entire windscreen). At UK Autoglaze, we specialise in fast and effective stone chip repairs.

Our local technicians provide a flexible stone chip repair service and can arrange to meet you at your home, book you into our depot, or even assist you on the roadside. For the most effective and efficient stone chip repair Bristol has to offer, book in with a UK Autoglaze technician today. Below, you’ll find some useful information on the various types of stone chips and how our team can best repair them.

Stone Chips – Types

If you’re searching for ‘stone chip repair Bristol’, it’s very likely you’ve encountered a chip in your windscreen when out on the road. With different types of debris and stones on the road, the stone chip you encounter may leave a slightly different mark.

Standard Chip

A ‘standard chip’ is exactly that – the most common, standard chip that our technicians discover when carrying out stone chip repair Bristol. Your standard chip is primarily caused by a small, dense object (a small stone or rock) hitting your windscreen at high speed. The impact created by the object will cause a small piece of your windscreens glass to break away, leave a small, ‘standard’ chip. All standard chips can be effectively repaired by our experienced team of technicians.


The bullseye chip is also caused by a small, dense object impacting your windscreen but impacts your windscreen in a slightly different way. The difference between the bullseye and standard chip is the power of the impact and strength of force applied to the windscreen by the object. Instead of causing a piece of glass to break away from your windscreen, the object or stone is often left embedded in your windscreen. This deeper, rounded chip often occurs at higher speeds and can be repaired by our technicians similarly to a standard chip.

Half Moon

Your half-moon stone chip is commonly caused by debris hitting your windscreen at higher speeds (like the bullseye). The main difference is the way the chip enters your windscreen – and often leaves a smaller stone embedded in the windscreen that’s about half the size.


A deeper version of your standard chip. The ‘pit’ stone chip takes quite the chunk out of your windscreen and is easily noticeable. The piece of glass taken away from the windscreen is a little larger, but can still be repaired by our technicians.

Stress crack

Slightly different than a chip – a stress crack can occur when the structure of your windscreen is compromised. This is mainly caused by a strong, equal force being applied across the windscreen by travelling over a speedbump too fast, or if you drive over a pothole. There have also been reported cases of stress cracks being caused by drivers pouring a hot kettle over their icy windscreen – as the drastic change in temperature can compromise the windscreens structural integrity.

Booking in for a stone chip repair Bristol

Stone chip Bristol

If you’re looking to book your vehicle in for a stone chip repair Bristol, contact our team of experienced windscreen technicians today. Our experts will discuss the repair with you and arrange the best time to come out and repair it – so you don’t have to wait around all day. We’re able to repair all stone chips within a 5mm diameter and all callouts are subject to weather conditions and overhead cover. Call our team today on 01452 423725 to book your stone chip repair.

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