Stone Chip Repair in Gloucester

  1. Stone chip repair in Gloucester

Reliable Stone Chip Repair Service in Gloucester

If you’re anything like the team at UK Autoglaze then we know how much your car means to you. Whilst a small stone chip repair isn’t the end of the world, leaving it unattended could lead to further damage and require a full windscreen replacement. So whether it’s a stone chip repair or windscreen replacement, you’re in safe hands with the UK Autoglaze family. We treat your car like it’s our own, and will have you back on the road in no time. From windscreen chip repair to entire windscreen replacement services, our reliable team can do it all. Fast. To ease your windscreen repair nerves, call us today on 01452 423725. We can send out one of our technicians today for any stone chip repair in Gloucester.

Stone chip repair in GloucesterIf your windscreen has been damaged by an object and requires stone chip repair, we can be there today to get your windscreen repaired. Any chipped windscreen that has a stone chip with a radius of 5mm or less can be repaired using our stone chip repair kit. By catching these annoying little stone chips early, we can prevent the stone chip from turning into a cracked windscreen and prevents you from paying a much higher windscreen replacement cost.

Windscreen chip repair in Gloucester

No matter where you are, or the type of windscreen repair you need, UK Autoglaze have got you covered. We provide an extensive windscreen chip repair service for everyone – from the general public to insurance companies, and even for private businesses! You can call us for more information on all insurance related incidents, to book in with our mobile windscreen repair service, or even to discuss a cash quote.

Our windscreen chip repair process is quick and effective, and your modern windscreens are made from a strong, laminated glass. Consisting of multiple layers of glass and polymer, modern windscreens are formed of a tear resistant and expandable bond – preventing it from smashing into tiny pieces when impacted. The advancement in modern windshield technology allows us to provide extensive stone chip repair at a fraction of a full windscreen replacement cost.

Our specialist technicians recommend managing your windscreens stone chip as early as possible. Leaving a windscreen stone chip untreated puts you at greater risk of developing a cracked windscreen. The transition in overnight temperature and additional road impacts (speedbumps, breaking hard) can make your car windscreen repair impossible. A windscreen is your first defence against small debris and dirt when driving on the road, and having it properly maintained is essential. Call us today on 01452 423725 and one of our technicians can be out to fix your windscreen today. Alternatively, you can visit our Gloucester depot for repairs, and enjoy a cuppa whilst you wait.

Windscreen repair with a lifetime of care

UK Autoglaze technicians never miss a beat when it comes to car windscreen repair. This is why we can proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our installations. We’re so sure of our technicians’ ability that if they have carried out windscreen replacement, then that windscreen will stay in place as long as you own that car. We take road safety extremely seriously when it comes to our windscreen repair services, and ensure you drive away safely with a securely fitted windscreen that will last you a lifetime.

Our stone chip repair process starts with our specialised vacuum pump being placed over the chip in your windscreen. This advanced vacuum will remove any and all moisture and dust that has gathered from within the stone chip, readying it for filling. At the next stage of windscreen chip repair, our technicians ready a synthetic resin that will completely fill the stone chip. The stone chip is pumped with the synthetic resin, and any excess resin is wiped away. We finish up by polishing your windscreen and testing that your vehicle is ready for the road.

Comprehensive car windscreen repair with UK Autoglaze

With a windscreen repair service like no other, UK Autoglaze provides extensive stone chip repairs in Gloucester for all vehicle manufacturers. Here for you at all times, our 24-hour mobile windscreen repair service has your back when you least expect it. We give you an estimated time of arrival too, so you don’t have to wait in all day for your cracked windscreen to be repaired! Service and safety, at the forefront of everything we do. Call us today on 01452 423725. We’re here for you.