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Stone Chip Repair Swindon – A guide to stone chips

With a 24-hour stone chip repair service that is truly mobile, the team at UK Autoglaze have your back – no matter where you are on the road. Our nationwide coverage of windscreen repairs means we can be there today to carry out any repairs on all makes and models of private and commercial vehicles.

Stone chip repair SwindonSo, for all ‘stone chip repair Swindon’ enquiries please contact our team today on 01793 230604. Alternatively, you can request a quick quote by filling out this form.

Our technicians recommend getting any stone chip repaired as soon as possible – no matter how small. If you leave a stone chip untreated, it could become larger and eventually spread into a crack. Windscreen cracks cannot be repaired like a simple stone chip, and will likely require you to purchase a replacement.

Specialising in a fast and reliable service, our local Swindon technicians can be there to effectively repair the stone chip in your windscreen. Our stone chip repairs start from just £39 plus VAT, and if you’re covered by your insurance policy we will deal directly with your insurer to organise any paperwork – saving you time and money!

Repairing stone chips

If you’re searching for ‘stone chip repair Swindon’ it’s likely your vehicle has sustained windscreen damage and you are looking for repairs. Stone chips can take a variety of shapes and forms depending on the type of debris and how it impacted your windscreen. Our experienced technicians can repair all stone chips with a 5mm radius or less. Below you’ll find more information about the different types of stone chips that you may encounter on the road.

Types of Stone Chips

Standard Chip

A standard stone chip is your most basic and easily repaired type of chip. Our technicians and repaired hundreds of ‘standard chips’ when conducting stone chip repair Swindon. This type of chip is caused by a small, tough stone or piece of debris bouncing up off the road and hitting your windscreen. When the debris hits your vehicle, it is deflected by your windscreen and causes a small piece of windscreen glass to break away – leaving behind a little chip.


A bullseye chip is created by a similar interaction with a stone or debris that causes a standard chip. The main difference here is the impact and damage caused by the stone. A ‘bullseye’ is created when debris hits your windscreen with a much greater force, leaving the object embedded in your windscreen. Whilst this chip is generally deeper and slightly larger than your standard chip, our experienced technicians can remove the object and any dirt before repairing the chip.

Half Moon

A smaller version of the ‘bullseye’ chip, your half-moon chip is caused by a smaller object that creates a chip roughly half the size of a bullseye.


This deep and aggressive looking chip is caused by debris or stone flinging up off the road and hitting your windscreen at a wider angle, thus creating a deeper chip. Whilst the chip is slightly larger, our team of technicians can repair this stone chip if it is within a 5mm radius.

Stress Crack

This aggressive type of crack can occur when your windscreen succumbs to a high impact force across the entire windscreen. A stress crack can often occur when travelling at speed and driving over a pot hole or speed bump too quickly. It’s also been known to occur when people pour a boiling kettle over their icy windscreen during the winter months. Our technicians recommend getting a stress cracked looked at as soon as possible, as your windscreen could shatter or completely crack if ignored.

Stone Chip Repair Swindon – Get a Quote

Stone chip Swindon

To get a comprehensive quote for ‘stone chip repair Swindon’ contact our team of windscreen technicians today. When you discuss your stone chip with our technicians, we will require certain information about your vehicle and the type of chip you have on your windscreen. Then, we’ll arrange the most suitable time for you – so you don’t have to wait around for hours for the stone chip to be repaired. Alternatively, you can book in to have your windscreen repaired at our depot. Call us today on 01793 230604 for fast and effective stone chip repairs on all private and commercial vehicles.

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