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Are you searching for ‘windscreen Cheltenham’? At UK Autoglaze, our windscreen experts cannot stress the importance of regularly checking and maintaining your windscreen for wear or minor damages. Poor maintenance and lack of attention to your windscreen could result in irreversible damage and require an expensive replacement to your entire windscreen. When our engineers carry out work on windscreens in Cheltenham, a lot of windscreen replacements have been down to poor maintenance and not getting stone chips repaired fast enough. Stone chips can quickly transform into larger cracks that will require your entire windscreen to be replaced. To book in a stone chip repair in Cheltenham, contact one of our friendly technicians today on 01452 423725.


The importance of repairing a stone chip

Most stone chip repairs and small crack repairs are a relatively simple fix, and often covered by your insurance. If you have fully comprehensive insurance with the option of windscreen cover, stone chip repairs will nearly always be covered by your insurance policy. Windscreen services can often become expensive if stone chips and small cracks are overlooked. A comprehensive windscreen replacement service can often be more expensive than the price your insurance policy will cover, meaning you have to pay an excess to have your windscreen replaced.

If the smallest of cracks are left unrepaired, then your windscreen will gradually deteriorate over time and the entire windscreen can often crack or break. After your windscreen has been impacted by a stone chip or a small crack, it becomes increasingly dangerous to drive as your windscreen could become compromised under increased stress. This can happen when going over bumps or potholes in the road, or if your windscreen is hit by another stone chip. Even the change in temperatures overnight can have a bearing on your stone chip as air and moisture can enter the chip created by the stone.


Why Repair a Stone Chip?

Chip Repair GloucesterWhen it comes to motor vehicles, you will usually learn that the windscreen makes use of safety/ laminated glass, as this should have a lesser chance of inducing an injury, in comparison with typical glass, in case the windscreen fails.

Safety glass will break into lesser pieces leading to a lesser amount of harm to any human inside the motor vehicle. Imagine how much of a shock you will feel if you were driving a motor vehicle and all of the sudden pieces of smashed glass streams into your car or truck.

This can be a significant hazard while driving as you are most likely now sitting inside an uncontrolled motor vehicle travelling at speed. Sadly, you cannot decide or forecast if a windscreen shatters. The nature of any chip or fracture in your windscreen usually means it may last for five years, or it might last for5 weeks. Factors climatic conditions and condition of storage etc. can affect these times, but it’s actually a considerably less hazardous and reliable option to get the windscreen fixed or substituted.

Windscreen repair price – repair before you have to replace!

From a financial perspective, dealing with a minor stone chip or small crack will save you time and money when dealing with any windscreen repair company. It cannot be stressed enough that an efficient stone chip repair will save you from having to spend out on a new windscreen. Furthermore, a comprehensive windscreen replacement can take far longer than a quick stone chip repair. We’ll discuss repair times and callouts a little later in this article. With most insurance policies now having the option for windscreen repairs, a stone chip repair will cost you nothing. Our experienced team at UK Autoglaze will also deal with your insurer directly, so you don’t even have to worry about paperwork and details. For all windscreen Cheltenham price enquiries, get in touch with our expert technicians today.

How long do stone chip repairs take?

Windscreen Repairs Company in CheltenhamFor a standard vehicle, a stone chip repair can take anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour – depending on the size and type of stone chip. When a stone hits your windscreen, it can have a different impact depending on the size of the stone and the speed it was travelling at. For more information on types of stone chips, you can visit this page or call our friendly technicians today. Nearly all stone chips that are 5mm or less can be repaired.

No matter where you are, the UK Autoglaze team will visit you at home, at the office or even on the roadside. Safety is our number one priority, and getting you safely back on the road in the shortest amount of time is essential. Most of our stone chip repairs can be carried out just about anywhere but are often affected by weather conditions and overhead cover.

For more information on our windscreen repairs in Cheltenham, get in touch with one of our friendly windscreen experts today. From fast stone chip repairs to comprehensive windscreen replacements, UK Autoglaze will get you back on the road in no time. Call today on 01452 423725 for windscreen Cheltenham enquiries.

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