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Windscreen Damage Advice by UK Autoglaze

Windscreen damage can occur anywhere, most of the time whilst your idle or parked but sometimes in an unfortunate accident you can experience a crack or total failure of the windscreen whilst you’re driving. This as you may know is incredibly dangerous and can result in injuries depending on the scale of failure the windscreen goes through. Many glass repair companies go through repair services that will stop small chips and fractures from progressing any further but sometimes debris or rubble can completely smash through the windscreen, regardless of previous damage. In this post we’re going to show you the steps you should take if and when you experience a vehicles windscreen smashing whilst driving.

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When driving with a fractionally damaged windscreen, it’s a constant hazard at that point as it only takes one jolt on the road to fracture and smash the whole pane of glass. You should always check if there are signs of damage especially if you experience something hitting the window even if it seems like it flew straight off, especially whilst driving at night as small cracks that can cause huge damage can sometimes go unnoticed when driving. Knowing that the windscreen is damaged will subconsciously cause you to drive somewhat cautiously, and can reduce the change and risk of a windscreen failure whilst driving.

windscreen damage Gloucester

The worst case scenario in this situation is the windscreen failing whilst driving, either previous damage has caused the glass to crack, or substantial damage has happened due to a foreign object hitting the window like rubble from a vehicle in front of you. If the does happen whilst your driving try your best to not swerve and uncontrollably weave the vehicle whilst dealing with the situation. If the glass does smash the glass will cave in towards the driver but most, if not all-modern vehicles are equipped with safety glass, which fails in a large sheet rather than smashing like your side windows will. The side windows are designed to fracture into small blunt pieces to lessen the risk of cutting any people inside the vehicle in the process of an accident. Considering the windscreen is so large, manufacturers use laminated glass, which is thick moulded glass with two layers of laminate material that holds the cracked glass in-between the two layers. This is a much required safety design aspect as having such large shards of glass potentially falling into the driver’s eyes is a huge hazard.

Because the sheet of glass will most likely obstruct front vision, once stopped use your mirrors and side windows to decipher and figure out where a safe and unconfined location is for you to park as you won’t be able to drive much further. It’s a legal requirement to have unobstructed vision whilst you are driving so if you continue to drive with a smashed windscreen which is beyond common sense, you may face legal repercussions if caught by the police or any authoritative agency. Once stopped you can assess the damage whilst you’ve safely parked the vehicle and displayed and hazard pre-measures like your hazard lights and possibly placing your warning triangle down if you have one, especially at night on a-roads, dual carriage ways and motorways as you need to warn potential drivers driving behind you.

If your able to place your safety measures down then you can call a tow truck or breakdown service which will offer to tow or load the vehicle as it isn’t fit to be driven on the roads in the current state of damage. If you aren’t able to contact them due to the injuries then relay your information to the emergency services, as they may have to contribute their services if you’re in need. Contacting the relative authorities that are appropriate to your situation can be important as if your injured but you don’t call for an ambulance, it can be a long wait for anyone and yourself to be taken care of. That being said, sometimes you may have to treat yourself in the case of a minor injury.

Taking precautions is a must when your dealing with possible roadside injuries, having a medical first aid kit in the car is mandatory in some states and countries but it doesn’t hurt to check and potentially add to the existing kit if you can. If you have a smaller or older car, you may not have access to a first aid kit, as it wasn’t an aspect of contention in previous years or for smaller cars. The DVLA suggest the inclusion of a set list of first aid items you should have which are recommended by St Johns Ambulance and the British Red Cross Society.

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