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Windscreen repair services with UK Autoglaze

As leading experts in same day windscreen repair services, we’re proud to provide Gloucester and surrounding areas with the very best windscreens. Established in 1999, we specialise in windscreen repair & replacement, windscreen chip repair, and car window replacement. With over 50 years of experience between us, we can repair and replace all types of manufacturer windscreens include Nissan, BMW, Ford and much more. Save yourself the hassle and get in touch today on 01452 423725. As a leading windscreen repair company in Gloucester, you know you’re in safe hands with us.

We’ve always had strong beliefs that all our windscreen repair and replacement services are always be handled on a safety-first approach. That requires us to ensure that our technicians are trained to the very best standard. This way, they can safely and securely repair your windscreen across all makes of vehicle.

Reliable windscreen repair in Gloucester

Windscreen chip repair in GloucesterWe’re not just great at providing windscreen replacement, and our attention to detail and care extends out to our customer service standards. That’s why we believe your needs come above all else. So, no matter where you are, or what type of windscreen repair you require – we’ll be there for you. Because our extensively training technicians are so confident in their ability to look after you and your car, we can guarantee that any windscreens we replace will stay in place for as long as you own the car.

But that’s not all. We go above and beyond for all our car window replacement services. We’re proud to be able to operate a 24-hour nationwide windscreen repair service across all privately and commercially owned vehicles. This 24-hour service is also a mobile service, and we can be there to help you if you cannot make it to us. We will allocate you a time slot so you know when we’re coming to carry out our windscreen chip repair. That way, you won’t have to wait around all day for your windscreen repair.

Your satisfaction is essential, which is why convenience is so important for our windscreen replacement service. We even offer a SAME DAY service where possible, and can come and pick you up and bring you to our depot. Your car is in safe hands with us.

Affordable windscreen replacement services

Windscreen repair and car window repairIf you’ve been searching around Google for ‘Auto glass repair’ and ‘Auto Windscreens’ then UK Autoglaze can be there to help. We frequently get customers who have small stone chip repairs that can be quickly fixed with our windscreen chip repair service. However, we also see customers come in with completely cracked windscreens that will require something a little more than a simple stone chip repair.

In our experience, we have provided complete windscreen replacement services to customers who haven’t attended to their chipped windscreen in time. We carry out hundreds of stone chip repairs every year. These windscreen chip repairs we carry out are usually caused by small stones and rocks bouncing up from the road onto your windscreen. We implore that all road users address any stone chips as soon as possible, as leaving them be can cause irreversible damage to your windscreen that will require it to be completely replaced.

Our windscreen replacement service ensures your new windscreens are matched against their old one so that the transition is smooth and your new windscreen will be as good as the one it replaces. All windscreen replacements at UK Autoglaze use glass windscreens made to manufacturer specifications, ensuring you receive the highest quality windscreen available.

The risk of not repairing your windscreen

There are various risks associated with not repairing a damaged windscreen. If there is a chip in your windscreen then it is advised to have it repaired quickly as if it becomes larger it can get to the stage in which the damage is impossible to repair. Secondary cracks can also form underneath the chip which can alter the success of repairs if left unattended to. Chips can also cause larger cracks which may lead to the requirement of a complete windscreen replacement. Hot and even cold weather can further damage your chipped windscreen and this can end up with the glass being unrepairable and in need of replacement. A large impact to the affected area can also cause the windscreen to shatter which can cause an accident or put you at risk of injury. You can also fail your MOT depending on which area of the windscreen is damaged. 10mm of damage in the A-Zone or front of the windscreen and 40mm elsewhere on the windscreen will usually result in failure of an MOT test. Not carrying out a windscreen repair can result in larger costs further in time and it is advised to seek the help of our windscreen repair team if you have damage in your windscreen that could become a bigger problem.

Why fix a stone chip?

With regards to vehicles, you will usually discover the windscreen takes advantage of safety/ laminated glass because this will have less of a possibility of inducing an automobile accident, as compared to regular glass, in case the windscreen fails.

Safety glass will crack into small sized pieces causing a smaller amount injury to any human within the motor vehicle. Imagine how much of a surprise you would probably actually feel should you be driving a car and all of the sudden bits of broken glass comes into your vehicle.

This is a huge hazard on the roads as you are probably now sat in an uncontrolled car travelling at speed. However, you can’t determine or foresee if a windscreen shatters. The nature of any chip or crack in the windscreen means it could possibly last for five years, or it might last for5 weeks. Factors like climatic conditions and condition of storage and so forth. can effect these times, but it is a significantly less hazardous and good option to have the windscreen repaired or replaced.

How long do stone chip repairs take?

Windscreen Repairs Company in CheltenhamOur standard repairs on all stone chips and windscreen repairs for standard vehicles range from 20 minutes to an hour. We want to ensure your car is completely safe to drive and perform comprehensive checks before and after the repair has been carried out. The condition of your windscreen and weather can often affect how efficiently we can repair your damaged windscreen. Using the latest stone chip repair technology, we can carry out repairs from almost anywhere in the UK. Our team of friendly technicians can be called out to your location including your home, office or even at the roadside. Stone chips are also much faster to repair than a complete windscreen replacement, so bear this in mind when planning around your repairs.

Windscreen repair prices

From stone chip repairs to small crack repairs, your insurance company cover the costs if you have comprehensive cover that includes windscreen cover. As mentioned many times throughout this article, it will always be more expensive to replace your entire windscreen with a brand new, manufacturer standard windscreen compared to a relatively simple stone chip repair. By leaving a stone chip exposed for a prolonged period, you are increasing the risk of damage to your windscreen and potentially excluding the repair from being covered by your insurance.

Will my car fail its MOT with a broken windscreen?

It’s important to ensure your windscreen is in good shape ready for its MOT. Fixing any small chips in your windscreen is a surefire way to prevent the chips evolving into cracks – preventing the need for a complete replacement. If there is a deterioration in the windscreen due to a small chip on the driver’s side, any size chip of 10mm is considered as an obstruction and will require repair for the MOT to pass.

On parts of the windscreen that do not obscure the driver’s view cannot exceed over 40mm in size in order to pass their MOT. Not only will your vehicle fail its MOT if this type of windscreen damage is evident, but the standard of repair required to fix the windscreen becomes greater and likely more expensive than the initial fix.

Whilst minor damage to your windscreen is often an easy fix, it can become much more costly if left unmanaged. If the damage exceeds the above 10mm and 40mm dimensions, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle legally. This also creates additional costs for travel arrangements and getting your vehicle road legal once again. Once initial damage has been done, your windscreen can often become unstable and further damage can easily occur when travelling over bumps in the road. We recommend regularly checking your windscreen for small scratches and chips as they can quickly deteriorate and cause unrepairable damage and increased costs.

24-hour stone chip repair

Our 24-hour mobile service is perfect for your windscreen chip repair, or you can visit us direct at our depot in Gloucester. If we’re coming out to fix your chipped windscreen then we will provide you with an accurate time of arrival that we stick to – so you don’t have to wait around all day for us to get there. For all windscreen chip repairs, we can deal directly with your insurance company to ensure work is completed to the highest standard.

For all windscreen repair and replacement services, our philosophy revolves around a safety first approach. The entire team at UK Autoglaze are extensively trained to handle situations from windscreen chip repair to complete windscreen replacement. Combined with our unparallel attention to detail, our windscreen chip repair service will have you back on the road in no time. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why your needs come first. That’s why we can say that if we’ve touched your windscreen then it will stay in place as long as you own the car.

Our comprehensive windscreen repair service

Windscreen Repairs Service GloucesterThe best thing to do if your windscreen is chipped or damage is to call us and make an appointment. Our expert team can advise you on the best way to repair your chip quickly and by causing minimal disruption to you. The windscreen repair process is carried out by the injection of a synthetic resin into the chip in your windscreen. After this has been carried out, our team will utilise a special vacuum pump to pull moisture, air and dust out of the chip. These collected substances can cause damage to the windscreen and this is why they are removed during the repair process. Finally, any excess resin that has been left as a result of the repair is cleaned and your windscreen is cleaned and polished. We will endeavour to look to repair your windscreen before it requires a replacement and this will save you on time and money. If left to chance, the chip in your windscreen can easily cause damage that will require replacement so again we advise to repair your windscreen before it can become severely damage and merit replacement.

Fixing a chipped windscreen

Our expert technicians can carry out an extensive windscreen repair service on a huge range of manufacturer vehicles including Ford, Nissan, Peugeot, Audi and much more. With modern windscreens being made from laminated glass, they consist of multiple layers of glass and polymer. This forms an expandable and tear resistant material which upon impact, the glass may chip but will remain in one piece. Our experienced team have carried out a wide range of windscreen repairs and replacements. From small cracks (‘batwing’) to small chips that have created a cracked windscreen in multiple directions (‘star’). No matter what type of stone chip repair your windscreen has, leaving your chipped windscreen untreated can lead to further, irreversible damage.

An untreated stone chip repair can become larger from the smallest of impacts, including just a small bump in the road. To avoid irreversible damage and higher windscreen repair costs, it is essential that you call us today and book a stone chip repair appointment. Our windscreen technicians will provide you with the best advice on how we can repair your cracked windscreen in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Our stone chip repair process starts with a specialised vacuum pump being placed over the windshield directly onto the area of cracked windscreen. This pump will vacuum all moisture, dust and air out of the windscreen chip, which is then ready to be repaired by injecting synthetic resin into the affected area. Once applied, the excess resin is removed and the windscreen is polished up.

Windscreen chip repairs you can count on

At UK Autoglaze we go above and beyond to ensure you’re not put out by your cracked windscreen. Not only do we provide same day call outs to your location, we also deal directly with your insurer. This saves you so much time and hassle and we can have the documentation sorted in no time at all. We’re here for you around the clock so call us today on 01452 423725 to enquire about Gloucester’s best windscreen repair company.