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Windscreen repair Swindon – A Short Guide

Windscreen repair SwindonProviding the very best windscreen repair Swindon has to offer, our team at UK Autoglaze are experienced in providing comprehensive stone chip repairs and fast windscreen repair on all vehicle models. Our technicians will always endeavour to fix a stone chip before considering a replacement, and even deal directly with your insurance company – saving you time and money. To get a quick quote or for advice on any type of windscreen repair, get in touch with our friendly and experienced technicians today by calling 01452 423725.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the windscreen repairs our technicians have carried out, as well as the type of stone chips you could come across when out on the road. So, if you’re searching online for ‘windscreen repair Swindon’, UK Autoglaze can have a technician there to help you in no time.

Types of Stone Chips

Whether you’re driving to work, or out shopping with friends – there are various types of debris, dirt and objects on the road that can fly up and compromise your windscreen. In this section, we’ll be exploring different types of stone chips and windscreen damage that you could encounter on the road. Remember, if you require ‘windscreen repair Swindon’, the sooner you get your windscreen repaired, the less likely the chip will spread into a crack – preventing the need for a replacement.

Standard chip

This is your basic stone chip. The most common stone chip we see when customers are enquiring about ‘windscreen repair Swindon’. These chips are caused when small, hard objects hit the windscreen at high speed, causing a small piece of your windscreen glass to break away. This is easily repaired by our technicians using a stone chip repair kit.

Stress crack

A ‘stress crack’ can occur for multiple reasons. It can happen when your windscreen is exposed to a drastic change in temperature (people pouring a hot kettle of boiling water over their icy windscreen), or if a strong force is applied equally across the windscreen (travelling over a speed bump too quickly). It is highly unlikely that you would experience a stress crack from an object hitting your windscreen.


The ‘bullseye’ chip – right in the middle. Like a standard chip, the bullseye occurs when small debris or a stone hits your windscreen at speed. The difference here is the type of force applied to the windscreen based on the shape of the object. When our technicians are called out for windscreen repair Swindon, and they encounter a bullseye chip, it’s a much deeper and more rounded chip – with debris often being embedded into your windscreen.

Half Moon

Caused similarly to the ‘bullseye’ chip – the half-moon presents itself as a smaller version of the bullseye chip as it’s usually half the size or smaller.

Edge Crack

An edge crack occurs within 2” of the edge of your windscreen or reaches right to the edge of your windscreen. This type of crack often forms instantly, and can very quickly grow if left unrepaired. Unfortunately, most edge cracks cannot be repaired and will require a complete replacement. If you have experienced an edge crack, get in touch with our team to discuss this in further detail.


A pit is a slightly deeper stone chip than your standard chip. It’s usually a small area where a piece of glass is missing, and can nearly always be filled in using a stone chip repair kit.

Combination break

A combination break is exactly that – a combination of chips and cracks as outlined above. These often occur when the original stone chip or crack occurs, and they are not seen to straight away. This causes chips and cracks to develop into much larger problems – often beyond repair.

More than just windscreen repair Swindon

Stone chip SwindonAt UK Autoglaze, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive windscreen repair and replacement service. Our safety-first approach ensures your car is in the perfect condition to be back on the road – in a fast and affordable manner. For the very best windscreen repair Swindon has to offer, get in touch with our friendly and experienced windscreen technicians. You can get a quick quote online, or give us a call on 01452 423725.

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