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Replacing your windscreen

Are you searching online for ‘windscreen replacement Bristol’? The experienced team at UK Autoglaze have been providing quality windscreen replacements for all vehicles since 1999. Our friendly and experienced technicians have a combined experience of over 50 years and can provide help and support for nearly all insurance enquiries – saving you time and money. If you’re in Bristol and require a windscreen replacement, get in touch with UK Autoglaze today by calling 0117 911 1704.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the process of windscreen replacements, and how you can keep your windscreen in tip-top shape in the future.

The cost of replacing your windscreen

Windscreen replacement BristolA cracked or broken windscreen doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Using the latest tools and the very best techniques, our technicians at UK Autoglaze can replace all windscreens. Depending on the damage your windscreen has sustained, and the type of vehicle you drive, our technicians may take a slightly different approach when carrying out windscreen replacement Bristol.

UK Autoglaze operates on a safety-first approach – and this is always at the forefront of our technicians’ approach. We provide the most comprehensive windscreen replacement Bristol has to offer – find out more below:

We first start by securing the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is covered and protected from any stray pieces of glass that may come away from the frame when removing the windscreen.

Depending on the damage sustained to your windscreen, our technicians will start by removing any plastic clips and mouldings a

round the outside frame of the windscreen (and keep them intact where possible). By preserving these clips and mouldings, you’ll save money on your final bill as they won’t need to be replaced. Each vehicle model will have a different type of windscreen and different type of clips – which all vary in price.

Once all clips have been removed, our technicians will carefully and strategically remove the windscreen from what we call the ‘pinch-weld’. The pinch-weld provides a structure for the windscreen to sit on, and our technicians must cut the windscreen away from this frame in order to provide a replacement.

Windscreen Bristol

Once our technicians have removed the windscreen, the area where the windscreen was placed is cleaned and any excess adhesive or dirt is cleaned away ready for the replacement. Our technicians can then reapply a new adhesive to the frame and requires precision and finesse like no other – using a variety of tools and techniques to ensure the adhesive is correctly formed before placing the new windscreen over the frame.

More than just windscreen replacement Bristol

At UK Autoglaze, we’re more than just a windscreen replacement company. We provide comprehensive windscreen services – that means repairs, replacements, calibration and even refitting different types of car windows. Now that’s windscreen replacement Bristol can count on!

Whether it’s a simple stone chip repair or a comprehensive replacement for an old vehicle model – our team are here to help. For the very best windscreen replacement Bristol has to offer, get in touch with our expert technicians today by calling 0117 911 1704.