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Affordable windscreen replacement Gloucester

Efficient Windscreen replacement GloucesterIf you are searching Google for ‘windscreen replacement near me’, then you’re in the right place. UK Autoglaze Services provide comprehensive windscreen replacement and repair services throughout Gloucester and the South West. When it comes to windscreen replacement Gloucester, there’s no job too difficult. Our team of extensively trained windscreen technicians are versed in the most efficient and advanced windscreen replacement and repair techniques and will have you back on the road in no time. If you require windscreen replacement Gloucester, then give us a call today on 01452 423725 for a free quote.

Keeping happy drivers on the road since 1999, we’re proud to be able to serve Gloucester and surrounding areas with efficient, reliable and comprehensive windscreen repair and replacement services. From your quick fix stone chips to your more advanced windscreen replacements, UK Autoglaze technicians are experienced with windscreen replacement for all vehicle types. Only the very best will do, and all of our windscreen replacements use OEM glass, so your windscreens really are as good as the original windscreen fitted by the manufacturer.

Removing a broken windscreen

When replacing a broken windscreen, we can either arrange to replace it at our depot, or we can replace it at your property providing there is adequate cover (depending on the weather conditions). Our technician will arrive at a time that best suits you, so you don’t have to wait in all day for your windscreen replacement in Gloucester. Before getting to work, our technician will carry out essential safety and compatibility checks, to ensure the transition of the windscreen replacement is smooth and effective. After checks are carried out, areas prone to damage are covered and protected before we begin removal of the old windscreen. Once the vehicle is prepped, the technician will remove any external clips or fittings around the frame of the old windscreen. This will provide clear access to the outer edges of the windscreen and will make the removal process much smoother.

There are a couple of key methods used when removing a windscreen, and it often depends on your type of vehicle as well as the damage sustained to your windscreen. Between the ‘cheeswire’ method and the ‘fast-knife’ technique, our technicians can safely remove your windscreen without any damage being caused to your vehicle. Once the old windshield has been removed and disposed of, the old polyurethane bond that held the previous windshield together will be removed. This bond is the old glue that held the windshield in place. Before installing the new windscreen, our technician will ensure the frame is primed and cleared of any rust.

Installing the new windscreen

Windscreen replacement GloucesterAt this stage, the new windshield is ready to be fitted. Our technician will begin by removing the black band around the edge of the newly manufactured windscreen. The cleaning of this banding will require a specialised compound that will remove all aspects of the manufacturing process. When carrying out any work on the installation of the new windscreen, our technicians will be wearing nitrile gloves – preventing the spread of any fingerprints, grease or dirt. This is to ensure that the new windscreen glue will properly stick to the frame of your vehicle. This not only prevents you from hearing any wind resistance but also keeps any moisture out of the bonded area.

At this stage, the new polyurethane can be applied evenly to the frame to prevent any future leaks or dirt from creeping in through the spaces. The windscreen is then slowly lifted into place directly over the aperture and polyurethane glue. Once calibrating the new windscreen and ensuring it is securely and accurately fitted, our technician will install new clips and fittings that will support the windshield, holding it tightly in place. Windscreen wipers are then tested to ensure that the rain sensors are working, at which stage you’re ready to get back on the road.

Vehicle damage that requires a windscreen replacement Gloucester

Many of the windscreens that need replacing often started out as a small chip. These small stone chips or minor cracks can often be repaired extremely quickly and are nearly always free – if you have the correct level of cover with your car insurance. With many chips and cracks being left untreated, road users have no choice but to get a windscreen replacement Gloucester.

Chips and cracks can get worse over time and can deteriorate for a variety of reasons. A change in temperature, moisture and amount of dirt within a crack or chip can be enough to weaken the structural integrity of the windscreen. Cracks and chips can also become larger if the structure is exposed to higher impacts. This can be caused by going over speedbumps too quickly, or can even occur when travelling at high speeds. When stone chips or cracks exceed a certain size and have damaged specific areas of the windscreen, you will no longer be able to repair the damage and will require a complete windscreen replacement Gloucester.

Types of windshield cracks and chips

The Bull’s eye – You can expect to see this type of chip when a stone, rock or similar debris hits the windscreen at speed, cause a circular, coned-shaped chip that can be quite large.

Standard chip – Your run of the mill windscreen chip. Caused by various types of debris hitting your windscreen at speed, this usually leaves your windscreen with a small piece of glass missing from the outer layer of your windscreen. This standard chip is often referred to as a ‘ding’.

The combination break – Often a more advanced and unique type of chip, the combination break has left multiple types of damage to the windscreen. The combination break can sometimes start out as a standard chip and deteriorate and crack outwards if left untreated. It can also be caused by such a high-impact chip that cracks come off the side of the chip.

Stress crack – This type of crack can occur when any object hits the windscreen and can also be caused when the windscreen undergoes a rapid change in temperature. The rapid change in temperate can be caused by washing your car with extremely cold water after it has been in the hot sun for hours, and also when applying warm water to an icy windscreen.

Windscreen replacement at UK Autoglaze

Our technicians boast an impressive 50 years of combined experience in windscreen replacement service. Skilled in providing the safest and most effective windscreen replacement services, our technicians are here to get you back on the road in no time. At UK Autoglaze, we go beyond replacement windscreen services and support your windscreen cover claim by dealing directly with your insurance provider. In the unfortunate event that the windscreen replacement Gloucester isn’t covered by your insurance provider, we are still able to supply and fit you with a brand new windscreen at a competitive price. For all windscreen replacement enquiries, contact our technicians today on 01452 423725.