Windscreen Replacement Gloucestershire

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Windscreen Replacement Gloucestershire

If you’re looking for an windscreen replacement service in the Gloucester/Gloucestershire area, visit: UK Autoglaze or call: 01452 423725

windscreen replacement gloucestershireOnce the winter month’s pass, drivers around the UK will be cleaning off the seasonal dirt that’s built up over the cold months. It’s through this that many people notice small dings and scratches that might be a cause for concern. Another thing people may also notice is small scratches, chips and scuffs on your windscreen. Many people don’t know how to handle vehicle window damage, and throughout this guide we’ll be telling you the process you should go through.

A chip can very easily develop into a large fracture, which will have to be replaced. Any damage directly in front of the drivers side seat cannot exceed 10mm. The other areas of the windscreen cannot show damage that exceeds 40mm in length or diameter, as this is the limit set out by the MOT specifications. Any damage that exceeds this will not only fail your MOT, but will be beyond the repairable limit and will warrant a windscreen replacement. This may be a pain to some but it is for the greater good, as any windscreen with significant damage will be a dangerous hazard, as something as small as a pebble can cause a damaged windscreen to shatter. Climate can also cause damaged windscreens to shatter, as glass can fluctuate in size in different climates.

Even though most minor windscreen damage can be repaired, sometimes the damage can be significant enough to warrant a complete replacement of the damaged unit. Any damage exceeding the 10 or 40mm limits set out by the MOT test will have to be repaired, as obscured windscreens are a point of contention during your MOT. Glass is temperamental and if the damage is deemed over the repairable stage, then you will have to go through a windscreen replacement.

Finding a reputable repair service is of the utmost importance, as a windscreen is a very important part of the overall safety features of your vehicle. It’s actually a large structural point of the car, as well as the only thing protecting you from things flying into the car possibly obscuring your vision whilst driving. The windscreen is also a large structural point for holding the shell of the car up during a complete rollover of the vehicle, so having a high quality replacement is essential. UK Autoglaze use OEM and insurance approved standard to make sure you’re getting a manufacturer grade level replacement. This is important as you are replacing a huge safety feature of the vehicle, so you really shouldn’t settle for second best.

The team at UK Autoglaze are fully trained and have decades of experience between them. Specialising in vehicle window repairs, they have been trained to a manufacturer standard. This assures you’re getting the highest quality replacement windscreen for your vehicle so you can rest easy. If you’re looking for a replacement windscreen in the Gloucester/Gloucestershire area then there is no better option than UK Autoglaze.

Do you need a replacement windscreen in the Gloucester/Gloucestershire area? If so, visit: UK Autoglaze or call: 01452 423725