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Windscreen problems – Should I repair or replace? – By UK Autoglaze

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Lets go through a hypothetical situation. You’re driving along and all of a sudden a small stone gets flung from the car in front of you and chips your windscreen. You can still see through your windscreen but there is a small chip, which looks like it’s going to crack. What do you do? Should you replace the whole windscreen or can you effectively repair the damage? In this post we go through the judgments you should make when initially evaluating the damage.

We can’t directly address this situation with an immediate response, as the damage will obviously differ from case to case. We can however report that even the smallest chip (2-4mm) can develop into the complete failure of the whole windscreen in the right conditions. If the chip is a small divot in the windscreen, then a repair may be the answer, as it hasn’t completely punctured the glass. A small injection of industrial resin will be used to “patch” the chip, which should create seamless bond, as the resin will seep into any crevice that the chip has created. This will only work on smaller chips however, as this both for preventative measures as well as visual.

If the chip is much larger then you may be looking at a complete replacement, as larger fractures in glass are more likely to progress with normal driving. In cold condition the crack can contract which could end up cracking the whole windscreen leaving the interior of your car open to the elements whilst your not there. Even worse, the windscreen could crack whilst you are driving which is a huge safety hazard and a concern we want to cater for and avoid.

Obviously, a larger chip is going to have a increased chance of cracking further, so if you notice a chip in your windscreen we urge you not to avoid and ignore it as it can very easily develop into a crack which will render your windscreen useless. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and harm by noticing a chip early so you can avoid future damage, which can easily progress into a full windscreen replacement, which costs much more than a simple resin repair.

If you already have a snaking crack in your windscreen, either from the initial impact or from a gradual progression, then you may have to replace the whole windscreen since there isn’t much a repair can do for a larger crack. With glass it is a lot harder to estimate the rigidity when it is damaged, especially with a random crack on the surface, as you can’t know how much of its structural integrity it has retained or lost from the damage.

Any reputable auto glass trader/fitter will evaluate the damage and work accordingly, as it’s quite cut and dry on whether you can get away with a repair or if you’re going to have to use a factory replacement. Luckily, UK Autoglaze can offer a low cost OEM replacement due to the trade dealers they work with. They have credited professionals that can issue a on the spot repair that will guarantee the windshields structural integrity, or they will discuss if your windscreen is beyond repair. UK Autoglaze are insurance approved so you won’t have to pay anything upfront. They will also come to your workplace so there is a complete absence of any hassle you could think of.

UK Autoglaze offers replacement windscreens in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Swindon and throughout the South West UK – fast, low cost service. Call today on 01452 423725