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Windscreen Repair Services from Autoglaze
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Windscreen Repair with Local Values

We can offer a mobile or Gloucester depot repair service.  Appointments can be arranged within our Specialist Repair technicians schedule when in your area.  Repairs can be charged to your insurance company as a claim * subject to cover and conditions. Otherwise call for a quote where our office team will be able to discuss this further.

The Chips found in your Windscreen

Modern windscreens are made from laminated glass and consist of layers of glass and polymer forming an expandable and tear resistant assembly. In the event of an impact the glass may chip but will remain in one piece. By leaving a chipped windscreen untreated an additional impact, hot or even cold weather, may cause the glass to become unrepairable and will have to be replaced, sometimes at great expense.

The best thing for you to do is to call us to make an appointment today. We can advise you on the best way to fix your chip quickly and efficiently, causing the least amount of disruption to you.

The Windscreen Repair Process

Chipped windscreens can be repaired by injecting a synthetic resin into them. A special vacuum pump is placed over the chip where moisture, dust and air are drawn out. Then the synthetic resin is pumped in. Finally excess resin is cleaned off and the screen is polished.

Offering you a Windscreen for a Lifetime

At Autoglaze we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our installations. This means if we touch your car and install a new windscreen, then that windscreen will stay in place whilst you own the car. Safety is a big part of our work, so we ensure you have a securely fitted windscreen that will last.

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Replacement Windscreens

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Windscreen Repair Services 

Stone Chips from £49 + VAT

Has your windscreen been impacted by an object creating a stone chip? Uk Autoglaze can repair this for you!

If your stone chip is within a 5mm radius we will be able to repair your windscreen with our latest stone chip repair kits. The aim of the stone chip repair is to secure your windscreen, stopping the impact from cracking and needing a complete windscreen replacement.

Autoglaze can provide a service for all customers, insurance companies and private work. Please call us today for advice on insurance claims, to get a cash quote and to book in your stone chip repair straight away.

Your Car is Safe with UK Autoglaze

We believe that a windscreen repair and replacement service should always be predicated on a safety first approach. That is why we ensure all our staff have extensive training to handle repairs to all makes of vehicle. This attention to detail extends to our customer service. We believe your needs come first. 

We provide a windscreen repair service for a wide range of makes of vehicles, including:

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